Self-healing – Transformation

Anna-Maria JAKAB

Spiritual healer, Reincarnation therapist & life coach

Spirituelles Heilen

Self-healing – Transformation

Recognizing causes is to experience a lead out of old behavior patterns and bound emotions. This is how healing - TRANSFORMATION - takes place.

Based on countless therapies, soul readings, medial consultations and coaching, it has been shown that healing is a process of acceptance, forgiveness and, if possible, a process of compensation.

The pain or illness may come from the physical body. More often, however, it arises from the mental, emotional or spiritual type of memories. This creates a potential to learn something about yourself.

Trust and believe that divine power heals once we are open to it.

The lessons to be learned vary.  Almost always the lessons include PATIENCE, TOLERANCE and the ability to TOUCH with the LIGHT.

Due to my divine gift, my training and many years of experience as a „channel to the spiritual world“, I can recognize on the soul level which memories and experiences from previous lifetimes have the most important effect on you in your present life.

I look at your concern from a spiritual point of view. In this way, I am able to read „the soul vibrations“ and recognize from your own being the necessary information that can be useful for your healing  as well for clearing up personal problems in this life.

In this way, I receive information, suggestions and possible adjustments from the spiritual world to be able to support you on your personal development path in „your healing“.

After the session, I will show you methods and possibilities of how you can transform and heal your blockages or illnesses in daily life using practical examples.

Please remember that we CANNOT surrender our responsibility to the spirit world.

It is the conscious handling, the conscious implementation and adjustment of the attitude to life that will only produce lasting, constant improvements and healings.

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