Soul - Reading

Anna-Maria JAKAB

Spiritual healer, Reincarnation therapist & life coach

Soul Reading - Spirituelles Heilen AUS- und WEITERBILDUNG

Soul – Reading

Follow the call of your soul and spirit

My form of therapy for karmic soul reading is as individual as you are. The aim of this form of therapy is to establish a connection to your Divine Higher Self through guided mediation and to receive suggestions, guides and answers through specific questions about your current situation and healing options.

Your superconsciousness Divine Higher Self alone decides, which topics are important to you at the moment.

You will NOT be put to sleep. Most people remember all or most of their session. In the session, I will accompany you in a pleasant, comfortable and quiet environment through a guided meditation in a state of BEING and connection with your higher self.

Together we embark on a journey of your past or your childhood and will be referred to situations, people, experiences and emotions through your higher self that conveys the core messages to you.

Due to my gift, my clairvoyance and many years of experience as a „mouthpiece“ with contact to our spiritual guidance, I will accompany you well protected in the passenger seat and ensure that we can find out important information about the events and topics through my questions.

„We are given life when we are born,
but many of us have not even opened
the wrapping paper“

(Felice Leonardo-Leo-Buscaglia)

Do you wish to gain knowledge about yourself, which are stored in your being and whose experience in the transformation can help you with your challenges, then follow the call of your soul and spirit.

The most important foundation is:

Know yourself    
Accept yourself
Become the creator of your life

My way of working


Selbstheilung – Transformation

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Soul – Reading

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Bitte denken Sie daran, dass wir unsere Verantwortung NICHT an der geistige Welt abgeben können. Es ist der bewusste Umgang, die bewusste Umsetzung und Anpassung der Lebenseinstellung, die erst nachhaltige,
konstante Verbesserungen und Heilungen hervorrufen wird.

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