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Anna-Maria JAKAB

Spiritual Healer & Medial Coach

Anna – Maria Jakab

Born in Transylvania, I had to learn from an early age to go my own way and to be down to earth. In my youth and early adulthood, I put everything on the card sport and was a professional handball player in Romania for 10 years. When I arrived in Switzerland, I switched to the coaching bench as a handball trainer for the national team and demonstrated my motivational and coaching skills as a global lecturer in the International Handball Federation (IHF). As a lecturer there, I was able to train many trainers in different countries such as China, Japan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Brazil, Argentina etc.

I have lived in Switzerland since 1990, during this time I worked in the USA and was then employed in Switzerland for a globally active company as an international sales manager, where I could develop 10 years in 20 different countries, my consulting and mediation skills.

After my own strokes of fate, illnesses, family problems, blockages, private difficulties, burnout, I asked myself what happened, what is wrong or what does not match?

Why do we keep falling back into the same patterns, illnesses and family problems, what does karma mean in our life?

After going through many ups and downs, I gained the knowledge through spiritual guidance, where the human balance in spirit, body and soul can be found and how we can get to our personal being.

This allowed me to realize that it is my task to trust the inner voice, to work as a spiritual healer, as a medium between the hereafter and this world and to act in harmony with my feelings. With these skills, I now help to open the door for other people to identify and heal their own life task, causes of illness and personal blockages.

I serve with humility and gratitude as a channel, as a mouthpiece for the highest consciousness. 

Completed advanced training

Acceptance is the basis of any change

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke  09. – 16. Mai 2021

Live Class in Oxford – August 2019
By Dolores Cannon – USA   www.dolorescannon.com

September 2018 – online
By Dolores Cannon – USA    www.dolroescannon.com

 in „Wat Rampong“ Tempel in Chiang Mai – August 2017
Vipassana ist ein Weg der Selbstveränderung durch Selbstbeobachtung.

5 Week online Course – Mai 2017
Dr. Bruce H. Lipton US-amerikanischer Entwicklungsbiologe und Stammzellforscher

The Arthur Findlay College – London (UK) – July 2014

Dr. Diethard Stelzl – in Kärnten (A) – 2013

Frau Gerlinde Stelzl–Hartmann im Haus Lichtquell – Todtmoos (D) 2012

Dr. Diethard Stelzl im Haus Lichtquell – Todtmoos (D) 2012

Life attitude

Please remember that we can NOT hand over our responsibility to the spiritual world. It is the conscious handling, the conscious implementation and adjustment of the attitude towards life, which will only produce lasting, constant improvements and healings.

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